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Geomechanics, Simplified

A suite of engineering tools, calculators, and resources for mining & civil geotechnical engineering professionals and students alike.

Features & Benefits

Custom-built by geotechnical engineers, for geotechnical engineers.

Tools & Calculators

Freely accessible and user-friendly tools, calculators, and resources for mining & civil geotechnical engineers.

Skills & Knowledge

Designed to enhance skills & knowledge in soil and rock mechanics for geotechnical engineering students and professionals alike.


Cloud-based web apps for on-the-fly geotechnical engineering analyses and calculations. No software installations, dongles, or server licences required.


Simple and transparent pricing for premium tools & calculators.
No hidden fees, minimum subscriptions, or complicated pricing plans.
🚀 Discounted pricing available for early adopters.


Only pay for what you need.
Modular pricing for our entire suite of geotechnical engineering web apps.

Paid Tools & Calculators

  • Coal Mine Roof Rating (CMRR)
  • Q-system
  • Rock Mass Rating (RMR)
  • Geophysical Strata Rating (GSR)
  • Highwall Auger Mining (HWAM)
  • Geotechnical Database

Ready to Crunch Some Numbers? helps mining & civil geotechnical engineers analyse geomechanics problems with ease.

Do away with clunky and error-prone spreadsheets and start using our engineering-backed web solutions.

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Geomechanics, Simplified.

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